Where Does Building an Equitable Product Begin?

Color photo of Eric Wrobel, a White man with blue eyes and plaid shirt, Head of Product at Blend.
  • Community partnerships: We will join forces with underbanked communities to create new or to bolster existing programming related to financial literacy and homeownership preparedness. We will also invest in economic growth and employment opportunities.
  • Technology and systems investments: We have pledged to increase our investment in building product features that reduce bias and enable customers to more accurately assess borrower profiles. We will also provide our technology to financial institutions serving underbanked communities.
  • Policy changes and regulatory engagement: We will leverage our memberships in industry associations and increase regulatory engagement to drive structural changes in policies governing access to financial services and homeownership.

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Innovative solutions to tech diversity & inclusion by @changecatalysts @waynesutton @mbrianaepler #techinclusion #focusonsolutions

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Tech Inclusion

Tech Inclusion

Innovative solutions to tech diversity & inclusion by @changecatalysts @waynesutton @mbrianaepler #techinclusion #focusonsolutions

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